Jinko Power's 150 MW EPC Project in Xiangang Town, Kaiping Successfully Launched!


On December 17, Jinko Power’s 150 MW PV power generation project in Xiangang Town, Kaiping, Guangdong Province, held a grand ceremony to celebrate its commissioning. Bian Kejiao, member of the Municipal Standing CPC Committee of Kaiping, Liu Fei, secretary of the CPC Committee of Xiangang Town, Luo Yongsheng, General Manager of Jinko Power Southeast China, Wang Lu, Deputy General Manager, of Jinko Power Southeast China, and the leaders of relevant functional organizations of Xiangang Town, Kaiping, attended and participated in the commissioning ceremony.

Located in Xiangang Town, Kaiping, Jiangmen, Guangdong Province featuring wonderful scenery and a wealth of watchtowers, the project is divided into two plots: Phase I and Phase II. Covering a total area of more than 2,500 Mu and boasting an installed capacity of 150 MW, both phases of the project are principally composed of unused land, hills and hillsides, and fish ponds, sharing a 110 kV booster station for grid connection. Upon its completion, the project will constitute a three-dimensional PV power generation base in “agricultural-solar hybrid + fishery-solar hybrid” mode, and turn into a PV-featured landscape.

The project has successfully passed through the grid-connected commissioning, having been officially brought into service. Featuring an average annual power generation of 165 million kWh, the project is designed to save approx. 52,600 tons of standard coal per year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 144,300 tons, sulfur dioxide emissions by about 975.64 tons, nitrogen oxide emissions by about 326.76 tons, and dust emissions by 7.86 tons. It is of great significance to optimize the energy structure, improve the ecological environment and stimulate the local economy.

With global warming, the contradiction between energy supply and demand is becoming increasingly fierce. Sustainable development has become the consensus of all mankind. As a pioneer in the low-carbon transformation of energy, Jinko Power has long been focusing on the downstream industrial chain of the PV power generation industry, providing one-stop overall solutions for PV systems for various customers, so as to maximize the revenues of power plants throughout their life cycles. As of September 30, 2021, Jinko Power’s domestic grid-connected installed capacity was nearly 3 GW, with a cumulative power generation of over 18 billion kWh.

Jinko Power will keep on laying out the "PV+" application scenarios under the new power system, actively participate in the construction of the “wind-solar-storage integration” based integrated energy base, and explore new industrial opportunities such as energy storage, hydrogen energy and carbon trading, so as to promote the development of energy transformation through practical actions.