The Paper | Jinko Power in the Lead Among Private Enterprises, with a 400MW Project in the List of Affordable Photovoltaic Projects in Guangxi in 2021

2021-09-01 root in:The Paper

The other day, Guangxi Energy Bureau officially issued the “Notice on the Construction Plan for Affordable Grid-Connected Onshore Wind and Photovoltaic Power Generation Projects in 2021”, which makes it clear that in 2021 there are 47 affordable grid-connected photovoltaic projects, totaling 4.66GW. Distributed photovoltaic projects go directly into the annual construction program. According to public information, Jinko Power (601778.SH) leads private enterprises with 400MW.

Public information shows that 311 projects were reported in Guangxi in 2021, including 147 onshore wind power projects with a scale of 15.11 million KW and 164 photovoltaic power projects with a scale of 18.76 million KW.

Guangxi's selection shows the intensity of competition for photovoltaic projects this year. Ranking first among private enterprises in cumulative scale is enough to demonstrate Jinko Power's strong and highly competitive project development ability. As the world's leading clean energy provider and service provider, Jinko Power provides users with clean energy by developing, investing, constructing and operating various photovoltaic power plants. By the end of June 2021, the company had 330 photovoltaic power plants in more than 20 provinces in China, including 71 ground power plants and 259 distributed power plants, with a total installed capacity of about 2.96GW and annual power generation of more than 4 billion KWH.

The National Energy Administration requires wind and photovoltaic power generation to account for 11% of China's electricity consumption in 2021 and 16.5% in 2025. Driven by carbon neutrality and countywide development of rooftop distributed power generation and other policies, by 2030, the installed capacity of China's wind and photovoltaic power will reach over 1.2 billion KW. In the next decade, the newly increased installed capacity of new energy will be about 70GW/ year, and the newly increased installed capacity of photovoltaic power will be about 40GW/ year.

In the future, Jinko Power will continue to rely on its accumulated project development capabilities and industry-leading technological advantages, actively respond to the state’s strategic call for new energy development, accelerate its development in low-carbon industries, contribute benchmark power for the reform of China's new energy market, and help achieve the goal of "carbon neutrality" at an early date.