Shanghai Securities News | Countywide Development of Photovoltaic Power: Jinko Power Launches a New BIPV Solution

2021-07-09 root in:Shanghai Securities News

Recently, since the National Energy Administration issued the “Notification on Submitting Pilot Programs for Countywide (Citywide or Districtwide) Rooftop Distributed Photovoltaic Power Development”, “countywide development” has become a hot topic in the industry. "Pilot Countywide Development of Distributed Photovoltaic Power” is a useful exploration of the trend for BIPV from a policy perspective. BIPV is expected to become the mainstream form of distributed photovoltaic power in the future.

As a leader in life-cycle new energy solutions, Jinko Power (601778.SH) has accumulated the capability to develop full-scenario distributed photovoltaic powersolutions with its profound technical accumulation and strong project development experience.

Facing new changes and new patterns in the distributed photovoltaic energy revolution, Jinko Power has jointly launched a new BIPV solution with USAS Building System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as USAS). In the future, the two will explore the demonstration role of pilot projects, provide more realization paths for the comprehensive promotion of BIPV, and support the high-quality rapid promotion of "countywide distributed photovoltaic power".

At this year's SNEC, Jinko Power and USAS signed an agreement for strategic cooperation in BIPV. The two will carry out in-depth cooperation in the joint development of BIPV projects, resource sharing in the development of distributed photovoltaic power plants, and the development of integrated energy solutions. The colored steel tile BIPV solution jointly developed by Jinko Power and USAS debuted at SNEC and attracted attention and inquiries from many visitors. The advanced third-generation roof system of USAS has a number of authoritative international certifications and technical patents in waterproof, wind resistance and durability.

Having been deeply engaged in distributed photovoltaic power for many years, Jinko Power has developed strong adaptability to photovoltaic system scenarios. It has rich project experience in schools, tunnels, logistics parks, commercial centers, parking sheds, factories, service areas and other application scenarios, such as the 5.98MW Solar Technology Town of Yuanhua in Haining of Zhejiang, Shanghai Asia No.1 Smart Logistics Center’s 1.2MWp Rooftop Distributed Photovoltaic Project jointly invested and built with JD Logistics, Qilu Transportation Development Group’s Heilongyu Tunnel 127KWp Distributed Photovoltaic Project in Shandong, Shenyang Railway Bureau’s 16.6MWp Distributed Photovoltaic Project, etc. Its practice in these diverse photovoltaic scenarios has accumulated experience for Jinko Power's subsequent Countywide Development model.

By the end of Dec. 2020, the company had 261 distributed photovoltaic power plants with a total grid-connected capacity of 820MW, ranking among the top in China’s photovoltaic power plant development and operation industry. Based on its 10 years of accumulation in the photovoltaic energy field, the company can provide customers and partners with one-stop total solutions covering professional assessment + financing plan +EPC+ operation and maintenance management. With its technical advantage, Jinko Power’s Design Institute selects the most comprehensive and efficient optimal path for every project, to minimize manpower input and management costs, maximize the value and quality of power plant assets, and further improve the return on investment for customers.

After the introduction of the countywide development policy, roofs of government buildings, schools, hospitals, industrial, commercial and residential buildings have become the targets for promoting photovoltaic power plant construction. On the one hand, diverse power plant construction scenarios test the adaptability of photovoltaic manufacturers; on the other hand, the decentralized distribution of power plants and complex diverse personalized needs of users also put forward higher requirements for comprehensive capabilities such as operation and maintenance management in later stages.

Jinko Power’s Intelligent Operation and Maintenance effectively solves the operation and maintenance problems caused by decentralized rooftop distributed power plants with large differences in scale through the 3D model of "drone inspection + manual on-site maintenance or parts replacement + remote monitoring".Relying on the operation and maintenance management service platform jointly developed with Huawei, the company can carry out operation and maintenance management safely and efficiently, and better solve the pain points in the actual progress of "countywide development".Through the management of power plant assets and driven by terminal advantages, the company will also bring more appreciation space for users and investors.

With new market opportunities, Jinko Power will actively respond to the state’s strategic call for new energy development, comprehensively promote the large-scale development and exploration of countywide distributed photovoltaic power and concentrate on the development of BIPV. The energy Internet revolution and smart grid development give more meaning to distributed energy. It’s believed that distributed photovoltaic power will be the main market to be vigorously developed in the future. The company will further increase the investment and development of distributed photovoltaic power plants. The total scale is expected to reach GW level.


USASis a Sino-foreign high-tech joint venture that entered the Chinese market in the 1990s. For more than 20 years, the company has concentrated on the development and design of pre-engineered metal building systems, product manufacturing and engineering technology application.Up to now, thousands of pre-engineered metal building projects have been completed and well received by Chinese and foreign customers.

A number of products and technologies of the company took the lead in obtaining certifications and patents from Chinese and foreign authorities.The company took the lead in obtaining a number of professional qualifications and honors. USAS has become a leading brand in the pre-engineered metal building market. In the future, it will continue to focus on the development of technical products and service models to keep its lead in the metal building industry.