Sustainable Development
Social Responsibility

As a leading global provider of clean energy services, the Company is committed to using its expertise to solve the society’s energy and environmental problems and to address global resource scarcity and climate change mitigation by providing a constant flow of clean energy to the society.

We have always been mindful of our mission to “change the energy structure and take responsibility for the future”, and we are able and willing to drive changes in the world of energy. With such a simple vision, the Jinko is dedicated to helping to achieve the goal of zero carbon emissions and to make the world we live in more livable.

Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

China has pledged to the United Nations to peak its carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and become carbon-neutral by 2060. Jinko’s simple desire is to change the energy structure and take responsibility for the future. We are committed to zero-carbon clean PV energy production and supply, and are responding positively to the promotion of China's 2030 and 2060 sustainable development goals.

Every ray of light we borrow from nature for generating every kWh of energy is doing its best to warm and light up the world. Since the connection of its first PV plant to the grid, Jinko Power has cumulatively produced 18 billion kWh of clean electricity and reduced carbon emissions by 15 million tons, equivalent to planting 700,000 trees.

18billion kWh

Clean Power

15million tons

Carbon Emission


Tree Planting

Qingmiao Primary School

Through a year of planning and construction, the Qingmiao Experimental Primary School in Hengfeng, Jiangxi, donated by Mr. Li Xiande, Chairman of Jinko Power, was officially opened on September 1, 2019 Qingmiao Experimental Primary School aims to give students in remote areas the opportunity to receive quality education and continue to enrich themselves.

Empathy, independence, social responsibility and lifelong learning skills are among the School's goals in student education. The School has 24 classes, providing a total of 1,200 students with 6 years of compulsory primary education.

Jinko executives also jointly funded the “Singularity” scholarship for the Qingmiao Experimental Primary School.

PV Poverty Alleviation

The grid-connected installed capacity of Jinko Power’s PV power plants is nearly 3 GW, and the annual power generation is nearly 3.4 billion kWh; Jinko's experience in PV EPC business is more than 3,000 MW, including more than 210 MW of PV poverty alleviation projects, having helped more than 42,000 poor households in total.

Jinko Power has been positively responding to the call of China and focusing on the development of impoverished cities, having made great contributions to accelerating the adjustment of China’s industrial structure, promoting the development of the real economy, and driving poverty alleviation.

Relying on its efficient power plant construction and strength in O&M, Jinko Power will keep on developing more replicable and popularized high-quality poverty alleviation projects throughout China, so that PV poverty alleviation can benefit more poor areas and poor families.

Jinko Power’s 123.235 MW Fishery-solar Hybrid PV Power Generation Project in Poyang, Jiangxi Province

Located in Poyang County, Jiangxi Province, the project is a fishery-solar hybrid PV power generation project transformed from existing reservoirs; it brings nearly more than RMB 3,000 of power generation income to each poor family with no labor ability and no stable source of income, such the 24,000 households enjoying the minimum living guarantee, pure households enjoying the minimum living guarantee, and Households Enjoying Dispersed Offerings and the Five Guarantees in the county every year. This project was connected to the grid in June 2017.