750 MW! Jinko Power Won the Entrusted Maintenance Project for PV Plants of China Huadian Corporation


Jinko Power (601778.SH) has recently received a notification of award from Guizhou Beipanjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. for the entrusted maintenance project of its PV plants, which means Jinko Power won the entrusted maintenance project of 750 MW PV plants of China Huadian Corporation. The three awarded projects are the Guangzhao water-solar hybrid agricultural PV project in Guanling County (300 MW), the Dongjing water-solar hybrid agricultural PV project in Zhenning County (150 MW), and the Mamaya water-solar hybrid agricultural PV project in Guanling County (300 MW).

Jinko Power's win this time is another successful bid for the O&M project for China Huadian Corporation’s PV plants, following the 291 MW entrusted maintenance project awarded by Huadian Jiangsu Energy Co., Ltd. New Energy Branch to Jinko Power in this September, which not only proves that Jinko O&M’s professional capabilities have been fully recognized by the market, but also enriches the scenarios for further cooperation between Jinko Power and China Huadian Corporation in PV business.

Started in 2012, Jinko O&M, with nearly 10 years of experience in PV plant O&M, has been transformed from traditional O&M to intelligent information- and big data-based O&M. It has turned into a leading provider of clean energy O&M services in China in terms of technical strength, team size, service quality, O&M capacity, etc.

The capacity of power plants under O&M by the Company is nearly 6 GW, and its O&M team consists of nearly 700 professionals. Its independently developed industry-leading O2O O&M management system, together with such technologies as the centralized control platform for power plant, the patrol inspection with UAV and the power plant diagnosis, escorts the safe and efficient operation of PV plants.

In addition to accelerating the development of plant O&M business, Jinko Power has, in recent years, been actively joining hands with outstanding partners inside and outside the industry to commit to the development layout of the new energy industry. The Company will keep up with market changes, maintain its superiorities in the industry-leading O&M technologies, keep on with intensive development in smart O&M, and stimulate the technology innovation and quality & efficiency improvement in the PV industry so as to offer strong support for the early realization of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

Guizhou Beipanjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd.:

Guizhou Beipanjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. is under control of Qianyuan Power (002039.SZ) under China Huadian Corporation; Qianyuan Power is the only listed electric power enterprise in Guizhou Province, and is one of the six listed companies controlled by China Huadian Corporation Ltd. In 2020, Guizhou Beipanjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. won in the bidding for the three PV power generation projects (750 MW in total), i.e., Guangzhao, Mamaya and Dongjing, in the Beipan River Basin, and was then included in the national bidding subsidies 2020; in mid-to-late December 2020, the projects were connected to the power grid for power generation, successively, featuring the “three first’s” (the first river-basin cascade water-solar hybrid renewable energy base in China; the largest total size of PV bidding projects of China Huadian; the largest individual installed capacity in Guizhou Province) and the “three most’s” (the most efficient construction and commissioning of the 500 kV booster station; the highest voltage class; the most difficult-to-develop mountain PV projects among projects of the same size throughout China).