A Fishery-solar Masterpiece in the Watery Town - Jinko Power's 110 MW PV Project in Tongling, Anhui Province Successfully Connected to the Grid for Power Generation


On December 7, 2021, Jinko Power’s 110 MW fishery-solar hybrid PV power generation project in Tongling, Anhui Province was successfully connected to the grid for trial operation of power generation. Located in Xilian Town, Yi'an District, Tongling, this PV plant covers an area of approx. 2,500 Mu, boasting a gross installed capacity of 110 MW.

Wedged between hills and waters, Xilian Town is rich in water resources. The project is located in the East Lake Aquaculture Farm of Xilian Town, integrating aquaculture with PV power generation where electricity is generated on the panels while fish is raised under the panels on a “fishery-solar hybrid” basis. Therefore, the project is considered an excellent PV demonstration project integrating “state-of-the-art fishery farming, science popularization education, and new energy”.

The average annual power generation of the project will be 135 million kWh upon its completion, and the average annual revenue from the power generation would be approx. RMB 52 million. When compared with thermal power projects with the same power generation capacity, the project will save 37,400 tons of standard coal per year and reduce CO2 emissions by about 99,900 tons, SO2 emissions by about 760.98 tons and NOx emissions by about 257.75 tons per year. The project will bring about remarkable energy conservation and emission reduction, and boost the local development of green energy.

Jinko Power has gathered broad practical experience in various PV+ application scenarios such as PV + agriculture, fishery, desert control, livestock farming and ecological restoration. In the future, the Company will keep on exploring the innovative application mode of “PV+”, focus on the development path offering ecological, social and economic benefits, and assist in the achievement of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” at an early date in an all-around manner.