Surprise Ahead! Jinko Power Received the First CCER Pledge Loan with Future Earnings in China


SRCB has recently released China's first CCER (China Certified Emission Reduction) pledge loan with future earnings to Jinko Power Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Jinko Power (601778.SH). This is a new path created by Jinko Power beyond traditional financing, and a groundbreaking attempt to work with financial institutions to empower green energy development.

Based on the Operating Procedures for Assistance with CCER Pledges revised and issued by SEEE in this February, SRCB formulated the regulations on CCER future earning value assessment and pledge operations, having brought CER future earning under bank collateral. 

As a new guarantee resource, the CCER future earning has undoubtedly broken the traditional loan thinking, effectively revitalized the carbon assets of enterprises, put more value on carbon emission reduction, and further impelled the fulfillment of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality". In turn, this partnership also provides a solid foundation for the sustainable development of Jinko Power in the future.


CCER (Chinese Certified Emission Reduction) is managed by the NDRC in reference to the Interim Measures for the Administration of Voluntary Emission Reduction Trading for Greenhouse Gases (the Measures); the projects participating in voluntary emission reduction trading are transformed into CCER projects during review, project registration, issuance, etc. by the organizations qualified for national CCER review and certification, and are filed and registered with competent authorities.

According to the Measures, the CCER projects filed with NDRC can be traded within trading organizations filed with the competent authorities, and are carbon assets with national credibility, thus being an important way for project owners to realize their carbon assets.

On the strength of its visibility and reputation within the industry, Jinko Power is extensively recognized and trusted by financial institutions and maintains long-standing close cooperation with many financial institutions. With the PV power generation industry progressively gaining high-quality development in China, the financial institutions are actively innovating green financial service models to boost the healthy and orderly development of the renewable energy industry.

Jinko Power has been at the forefront of the industry in exploring innovative financing channels for green finance. This August, Bank of Jiangsu Yancheng Branch successfully offered a credit support amounting to RMB 20 million for the "subsidized entitlement loan" on renewable energy to Binhai Jinko Power Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Jinko Power; the credit support aims at a 10 MW fisher-solar hybrid PV power generation project. It is the first "subsidized entitlement loan on renewable energy" in Jiangsu, thus being exemplary for the further promotion of nationally subsidized entitlement financing.

As a pioneer in life-cycle new energy solutions, Jinko Power, with development, construction, and operation of various PV plants as its primary business, provides users with a steady stream of green and clean energy. The grid-connected installed capacity is nearly 3 GW, while the cumulative power generation is more than 18 billion kWh; PV plants have been established in more than 20 provinces, including Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hebei, Anhui, Ningxia and Qinghai.

In the context of a joint response to global climate change, it is imperative to promote the energy revolution. Jinko Power will actively intensify cooperation with more financial institutions to foster a new ecosystem of green finance, speed up the deployment of low-carbon industries, thereby delivering new momentums for the actualization of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality".