Beyond Success - Jinko Power Achieved a Preferred Scale of 1120 MW in Jiangxi


Jiangxi Energy Administration has recently issued the preferred results of the competition among the second PV power generation projects for 2021, which totaled 9.26 GW (Jiangxi issued the first preferred PV competition results of 3.03 GW in May). The scale of the two batches totaled 12.29 GW. In reference to the shortlisting of both batches of preferred owners, Jinko Power leads the private sector track with 1120 MW.

The excellent performance in the two batches of PV preference in Jiangxi benefits from Jinko Power's solid power. According to Xu Wei, General Manager of Jinko Power Central China, "Jiangxi is the birthplace of Jinko. It has been 10 years since we started to struggle here, so we have a deep affection for Jiangxi. The Company's standing out in the keen competition fully demonstrated Jinko's comprehensive strength and its teams' competence. We will keep on promoting the sustainable development of green economy in Jiangxi with actual deeds.”

China's 2060 carbon neutrality target is enhancing and accelerating the development trend of low-carbon clean energy led by PV. Known as a leading global supplier and service provider of clean energy and a pioneer in low-carbon energy-oriented transformation, Jinko Power has been focusing on the downstream industry chain of the PV power generation industry, providing customers with one-stop overall solutions for PV systems to maximize returns throughout the life cycles of power plants. As of September 30, 2021, the grid-connected installed capacity under Jinko Power was nearly 3 GW in China, and the cumulative power generation was more than 18 billion kWh.

In addition to seeking intensive growth in the investment and development of PV power plants, Jinko Power is continually deploying the "PV+" application scenarios under novel electric power systems, taking an active part in the development of the "wind-solar-storage integration" integrated energy base, and exploring the opportunities in emerging industries such as energy storage, hydrogen energy and carbon trading. The Company will give full play to its key strength in global resource integration capabilities to inject Jinko's power into the global energy revolution by dint of its "zero-carbon wisdom".