Jinko Power's O&M "Distributed Electricity Bill Settlement" Module Officially Launched!


The "distributed electricity bill settlement" feature developed by the Centralized O&M Control Center of Jinko Power (601778.SH) was successfully launched at Jinko Power's O&M service management platform a few days ago. All distributed power plants of the Company are accessible to this function to settle their electricity bills.

The module system deals with such O&M scenarios as power generation viewing, meter reading, electricity list and electricity bill generation, etc. throughout distribution power plants. The online-offline integration enables all-scenario support and data tracking, which further intensifies the information-based management of Jinko O&M. This modular system is now being progressively applied to the Company's principal distributed sites.

The O&M staff of power plants can now automatically generate the "electricity confirmation form" based on meter reading cycles. The owners are also allowed to view the power generation data in real time through the applets so that the online confirmation of electricity form with owners is available. Moreover, the O&M personnel are allowed to adjust the data. 

The "electricity bill list" is generated based on the "electricity confirmation form" within the system, which simplifies manual calculations for distributed O&M personnel. The unit price of electricity and the payment by owners are taken from the BI system, so that the distributed site O&M personnel can regularly learn about the payment status to facilitate the operational progress.

In recent years, Jinko Power has been very concerned about the digital application of energy, and committed to enhancing its efforts in intelligence-driven technological transformation. It has a full range of technical solutions for various complex application scenarios for PV+. Its own design and O&M teams offer O&M response to roof reinforcement solutions, fire protection, water-proofing and electrical servicing, etc., escorting PV plants throughout China with the radiant energy of its 600-person workforce and 24 central stations all over the country.

In the new period of historical opportunity, distributed PV has turned into a new growth engine driving the PV power generation growth in China, and the growth rate of distributed PV increased significantly in the first half of 2021. In the first half of this year, the installed capacity of distributed PV in China increased by 7.65 GW, including 5.86 GW of increase in the installed capacity of household PV, namely a growth rate of 280% on year-on-year basis. For the first time, the distributed PV surpassed the centralized PV; the installed capacity of distributed PV began to mushroom in China.

As a leader in life-cycle new energy solutions, Jinko Power has cultivated a strong capability to adapt to the PV system scenarios in distributed PV, on the strength of its profound technical know-how and broad experience in project development.

The Company's core superiorities: Diversified technical solutions for targeted attack on complex roof challenges; rational distribution grid planning connectivity for assuring high percentage of local consumption; specialized O&M management system to escort the project operation. The Company is currently running more than 257 distributed power plants with a cumulative grid-connected capacity of nearly 1 GW, staying firmly in the forefront of China's PV power plant development and operation industry.

The Company will increase the value of different horizontal scenarios and extend the service links. Furthermore, the Company intensively addresses user needs and leverages the existing platform strengths to profoundly penetrate into all application links. Furthermore, the Company will continually enhance its existence in the area of smart O&M to actualize the efficient operation of the entire electric power system; intensify the value representation of big data, and explore more business models with information technology as the cornerstone, thereby providing strong support for early fulfillment of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.