Jinko Power Wins the Award for Excellence in Overseas Market Performance 2021


On October 21, the (12th) OFweek 2021 Solar PV Industry Conference & Annual Awards Ceremony organized by OFweek | solar.ofweek.com came to an end in Shenzhen, where Jinko Power won the OFweek Award for Excellence in Overseas Market Performance 2021.

With screening by the organizer, the winner of each award was selected after online voting and experts’ evaluation on over 200 applications that met the criteria for each award. As a global leader in the PV industry, Jinko Power stood out from many candidates for its outstanding performance and benchmark creativity in overseas markets over the years.

Jinko Power has enriched its experiences and technical capabilities in all aspects of PV plant development. Since 2017, it has been progressively investing in operation of PV plants of various natures and capacities in different overseas regions.

With competitiveness built on enthusiasm for a carbon free environment,professionalism, prudent business logics and governance, the Company has built a robust network of partnership, and have won tenders for overseas large-scale PV power generation projects such as the 2,100 MW project in Abu Dhabi, the 182.5 MW project in Spain, and the 109 MW project in Jordan, etc. The company is recognized as a strong brand in Europe, the Middle East, among the other regions. Recently, the Al Dhafra PV project co-developed by Jinko Power and EDF in Abu Dhabi was awarded by the Middle East Solar Industry Association (MESIA) as the utility-scale solar project of the year 2020.

Besides, the Company has established partnership with many of the world’s renowned utility and IPP investors such as Masdar, TAQA, KEPCO, Total, Metito, and Al Jomaih etc. in the business.

As a leading global supplier and service provider of clean energy, Jinko Power will continue to lay out PV plants at home and abroad, actively expand and extend its diversified innovative business, such as the integration of solar storage and charging, photocatalytic production of hydrogen and integrated energy services, to leverage the power of PV for global energy transformation and provide a strong guarantee for building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system.