Talent Development

Jinko attaches great importance to the development of its employees and, by designing the profession-management dual-channel career development path, respects the development wishes of employees and the leverage of their personal strengths; besides, Jinko makes each person's growth space more focused and clear.


At Jinko, you can drive your career forward in a collaborative, egalitarian corporate culture where anyone can make decisions and initiate change, regardless of rank.

Jinko is committed to creating a diverse corporate culture, believing that only by leveraging the unique insights, experiences and talents of our employees can we create an inclusive corporate culture where the collective is greater than the sum of the individuals.


Jinko’s teams are committed to solving the tough issues of our time – “sustainable clean energy and environmental protection”; furthermore, they are working hard to create ecosystems and solutions that enable businesses to thrive, cities to grow, and people to live long and healthy lives.

Jinko strives to build teams of professional, dedicated and joyful employees who work together to take responsibility for changing the energy mix for the future. At Jinko, you are allowed to get directly involved in making such a difference.


The relationship between Jinko and its employees is one between platform and individuals, providing a platform for personal achievement. The Company is committed to providing every one of its employees with a fair platform for development and treatment that matches his or her strength.

  • Performance incentives
  • Performance bonus
  • Birthday party
  • Team building activities
  • Allowances
  • Holiday benefits
  • Commercial insurance
  • Medical examination for staff
  • Paid leaves